Sunday, February 19, 2012

I've Been Featured!

The School for Field Studies (SFS) program, of which I am currently researching under, has its own blog page where students and faculty sometimes post messages of their experiences and the curriculum of their particular program.  This blog was extremely helpful to me, and a huge reason for choosing to apply to the SFS program.  I was always thrilled to read about personal experiences of other students, because this type of program is extremely unique, and many exciting things were posted in this blog.

I'm very excited and happy to report that I have been featured on their page! My first impressions of Tanzania, and the program, have been chosen to take their place on their blog site among the others.  I'm super proud, and while I used a part of my original blog posts here to dictate my time, there are alterations to the ending (to make it more accessible for students).  Take a peak here!

If you're interested, take a look! Also, for any who may be interested in a fantastic adventure in studying abroad with SFS, please take the chance to look over their website.  SFS works all over the world, and their website is one of the easiest and prettiest to navigate.

Also, some caretaker notes:
I've added a new feature to the page, as you may have noticed.  To the upper-right side of the post page is a weather widget designed to show you the weather, time, and temperature of the area I am in.  Currently, I'm in the region of Arusha in Tanzania.

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  1. This is awesome, Kristin. We are proud of you too! While you are enjoying nice weather, it snowed a tiny bit on the grass and schools are on a 2hr delay, of course.