Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Isn't Helping

I cannot, cannot, cannot stop thinking about food.  Everyone tires of the same food, and for the last three weeks we’ve had the same kind of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  In the spirit of missing home I’ve decided to induce a miserable feeling in my tummy by listing all of the tasty dishes I miss from home (note: I directed these into my personal journal, so, in essence, this is extremely private…):
   Grilled cheese sandwiches with vegetable soup. Junior’s turkey reuben and cheesecake.  Chipotle bbq bowl with mild salsa and corn.  McDonald’s.  Chick-fi-la chicken with special sauce and fries.  Meatloaf. Grilled chicken sandwich with mayo and cold crisp lettuce.  Taco Bell.  Cold salad with thousand-island dressing.  Sour cream.  Pita-Pit Philly cheesesteak pita.  Noodles & Company pesto cavatappi with extra mushroom and tomatoes.  Spaghetti from home.  Grape jelly.  Pancakes made with Bisquick.  Pub chips and beer cheese.  To-of-the-Hill fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  Tortellini in sun-baked tomato and basil sauce.  Swiss steak.  Chicken pot-pie and sweet tea.  Hushpuppies.  Coleslaw mix with smoked pork bbq.  Breakfast sandwiches.  Fried bacon.  Loaded baked-potato salad.  Burger King Whopper and chicken dippers.  Broccoli and cheddar soup poured over a baked potato.  Pringles original flavor.  Applesauce.  Yogurt and granola with pears.  Flaky biscuits and honey with Jimmy Dean’s maple sausage.  Enchiladas verdes with chips and queso sauce.  Philly-chicken sandwich and cherry drink from Don’s.  A glass of ice.  Chocolate éclair.  Icecream.  Chili’s margarita tacos.  Five-Guys cheeseburger and seasoned fries.  Polish sausage dipped in mustard.  PF Chang’s honey chicken.  Asia Café Chinese food with white rice and steamed veggies and sesame-seed chicken with egg-drop soup.  Waffle House hasbrowns with cheese and mushrooms.  Nagano’s tapanyaki chicken and shrimp sauce.  Boss Hogs pulled pork sandwich.  Cracker Barrel’s roast beef and fried apples.  Green beans.  Scalloped potatoes.  Hot Pockets.  Bagel Bites.  Corned-beef hash.  String cheese.  Cheese!  Deviled eggs. Scrapple.  Bagel with cream cheese.  O’Charley’s loaded cheesy baked potato soup.  Subway double-bacon egg and cheese sandwich on flatbread.  Chili-cheese fries.  M&Ms. Frosted Flakes.  Chesapeake Bay blue-crab cakes. 
   I’m going to quite enjoy the ride home from NY to NC, because I know along the way I’ll get to hit all my favorite food joints.  My goodness. 
   In other news, we received our first set of grades back from our professors, and I've gotten all As! Considering these are my first field reports for baboons and wildebeest, I was quite happy falling asleep last night.  
   On the 17th we'll be heading to the village of Kilimamoja to discuss with the Environmental Committee their mission and strategic development of plans in the area.  Policy, I'm so pumped!


  1. I saw the pub chips and bear cheese but I think you forgot the big bird sandwich, also I will totally support us stopping to eat all of that food on the way home.

  2. My list is always growing, fear not.