Monday, March 19, 2012

Encore in Moyo Hill

I have made my home in Kilimanjaro Bush Camp, Kimana, Kenya.  I ask, however, that you wait patiently for my first impressions until tomorrow, for I aim today to dedicate this final post to my previous home in Moyo Hill, Rhotia, Tanzania.

*note: I am aware I promised a part II of Serengeti, and you'll get it! But allow me my time of nostalgia.
Our final moments in Tanzania were full of laughter and bittersweet remembrance.  We cooked a final "appreciation" chakula cha jioni (dinner) for the staff, but no delicious Italian dishes, handmade cards, or words are enough for my family in Moyo Hill.  We were given the chance to sing with my dear friend and "dubbed font-of-knowledge" Kioko, and dance with the center director Vedasto.  I sat for one final evening with Yohana in his duka (shop) and swapped stories.  They were all so kind, and knew well that we were torn between leaving their loving presence and journeying to adventures in Kenya.  But they were understanding, gave us as many hugs as they could offer, and promptly reminded us that they would be missing us as well.

On the other hand, move-out activities were collectively rushed.  Packing was hectic, followed by cleaning our bandas.  My roommates and I bumped up the music and sang together while we packed.  We would no longer be roommates once in Kenya, and it was our final moments to goof-off together.  We had snacks, walked to Rhotia, and shared a drink at our pub in Karatu.  It was a merry time.
I'll miss the lush green forests of the Tanzanian highlands.  I'll miss our birds, our breezes, the rains, and the farmlands.  I'll think fondly of our neighbors, and the friends we made in Rhotia, Karatu, and Mtu Wa Mbu.  But we're now in Kenya, and a new adventure begins, as well as my journey to East Africa is finding its end.  However, I plan to make the most of every moment, just as in Tanzania, to live, love, and share with you all.

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