Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Only Two Things Standing Between Me and the Serengeti

Exams.  A most ill-fated word.  Whether they be medical or, in my case, scholarly, the term "exam" almost always insights some unpleasant feelings.  One never recalls a good exam, like finding out that you're all-nighter won you an A on the final.  No, we're more inclined to reestablish a memorial relationship with a past exam failure, or particularly difficult test.  Or, if you are more like me, you tend to forget any and all exams as soon as you are returned your grade.
   My first exam was this morning at 8:15am (my time).  Wildlife Ecology turned out to be pleasantly simple enough to answer.  Or, there's the awful possibility that having an answer for every question just means that I have an active imagination.  Surely I didn't create all of the information and minute details about the reproductive process of female olive baboons in Lake Manyara... I mean, where on earth would I come up with ischial callesites?
   In any case, I have only Wildlife Management and Environmental Policy left to defeat.  I shall strike pen to paper, and conquer these classes that have little or no relevance to my field of study!  And I shall be rewarded by a Friday visiting a self-sustainable coffee farm, Karatu, and jovial story telling at Happy Days... and, of course, we set out for Serengeti on Sunday.
   Have I mentioned we'll be visiting the Olduvai Gorge Archeological site?  For any anthropology/history/fun-fact enthusiasts, you'll understand how exciting it is to be visiting "The Cradle of Mankind."
   I'm missing my loved ones (friends and family) tonight.  I hope you all are doing well, and I miss you terribly!
*note: Dear Family, please inform my lovely puppy, Sami, (who sadly cannot read my posts) that I will be home to spoil her soon!

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  1. Sammi has been thus informed and wagged her tail happily

    but that may have been due to the rather large dog bone she is noming on right now