Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose... Unless It's Me

It was Gertrude Stein who originally recorded, within her written piece "Sacred Emily," the line, "a rose is a rose is a rose."  This statement is often associated with the idea that things are simply what they are, while Mrs. Stein originally wrote these 8 words with intentions to provoke the inclination that simply using the name of a thing already invokes the imagery and emotions associated with it.
     So I have a question to ask you all:  when you hear a name, what sort of imagery and emotions come to mind?  Or, in this case, when someone says your name, what do you believe them to imagine and feel in conjunction to yourself?
      It isn't that I don't know who I am. It's simply that I've been given the chance to see myself through other eyes - or, in this case, other lenses.  Many times I recognize myself through the images projected back to me via a mirrored surface, or my own camera.  I look to present myself as I feel is best suited for me, as well as those around me.  We recently traded photos of each other (as I am a fan of photographing others) and it turns out that people have snapped several photos of myself that I was slow to recognize.

On a more humorous note, our professor/instructor in charge of our group research was quoted as describing our research, through the SFS Blog Site, as well as our work like this:
   "Along with a lot of data collection, hard work, sweaty backs and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, students get the chance to meet new people, drink chai, snack on oranges and stop at the Royal Cafe Bistro for their famous ice cream." -George Ekisa, Ph.D. 2012

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