Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vervet Visits

Vervet monkeys are distinguishable by not only their beige/cream coloring, but by their distinctly bright blue... *ahem*.  I admit, this is a strange way to begin the post, but I promise this fact becomes pertinent as we journey forward.
   Today was our first real day of data analysis.  Basically, we're making a whole lot of graphs, and a whole lot of sense of said graphs.  Charts and figures are important to any research, especially when you need to fill up over 25 pages of typed, single-spaced papers on Microsoft Word.
   My job for today was to collect research paper titles and questions from everyone in the group, edit our draft of the project proposal, and coordinate a basic outline for my personal paper.  The more I type, the more excited I get about the research outcomes.
   In any case, my friend Dana is making her way through the open air pavilion (chumba), a collective seating area where we have our meals/classes/meetings, when she is alerted by a distinct thump noise.  Looking up, what does she spy perched on one of the tables?
   A vervet monkey! With *ahem* the same color as the stunningly blue water bottle to the left.  Our little friend had noted that, yes, there was food left on the tables and, sure, why not take care of the leftovers for us humans?  Dana managed to snap a few good photos before the monkey needed to be chased away.
   According to the askaris (guards), monkeys are a lot like mice/ants.  Once they know where to get food, they'll keep coming back.  And this proved true, as throughout the day we found the little guy strolling in like he owned the place.  Most vervet monkeys are quick to move away from people.  This guy? We try to give him angry looks and yell at him, and he just gives us a look that says "nice try, buddy, but I'm not leaving without some toast."
   On another note, we're also in the process of swapping photographs.  We often focus our attention on the land/locals/animals of East Africa, and forget to take a moment to snap ourselves into the digital memory-bank. So we thought to make a hold of photos of our group to trade with each other.  Needless to say, we're ecstatic about seeing some photos that, not only prove we were here, but perspectives we hadn't seen before.  So, yes, I now have more photos to show my family and friends... I almost pity them.


  1. So why did the monkey have the blue patch on his belly?

    1. It's not a patch, they're his "fruit-basket". It was one of the ways we learned to identify them in class here.

  2. Again I recognize you teeshirt before I find that sad?

    1. Depends. If I get all new shirts, will you still recognize me at all?