Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Things Unexpected

There are three things I did not expect to learn whilst in Kenya.  I really should not be caught off guard by unexpected circumstances here, but I always am. 
Painting a tortoise, ocean theme, for the orphanage.
   I was perched on the front porch of the chumba (dining area), enjoying a cup of Kenya-temperature water and watching some vervet monkeys pop around the bandas.  Our center director, and one of my favorite friends here, Kioko, came out and caught me lounging.  A smile laminating his face, he and I began to exchange common conservations topics.
Leopard in Serengeti, she was gorgeous!
Jambo, Kristin.  Habari?” (Hello, Kristin, how are you?)
 Mzuri sana, bwana.  Na wewe?”  (Feeling great.  Yourself?)
Mzuri.  I had a lot of work today, and I decided to relax instead.”
“We finished our surveys early, so we came back to relax, too.”
   In any case, we settled into a lengthy chat.  Kioko found a permanent seat in the hammock.  I must say, there’s nothing like watching a grown man enjoy the swinging that a hammock can provide.  He laughed like a young child, it was a sight to see.
   It was during our talk that Kioko would teach me three very new, very out-of-the-blue facts:
1.       The Appalachian mountains are “block” mountains, and their formation pattern.
2.       Birthdays aren’t celebrated here in Kenya often.
3.       Native Americans (“Red Indians,” as termed by Kioko) make up a large minority group in Kenya.
   Where had this information sprouted from?  I’ll tell you, the infamous fountain of fun facts known locally as Kioko.  It turns out that he studied Geography, and in his spare time has developed a passion for random knowledge.  The Appalachian mountains he learned in class; the birthdays came from experience; and the Red Indians from historical knowledge of his home. 
Field exercise in Kuku Group Ranch
   “Learn something new every day”, they always say.  Well it turns out that I learn several things here, and I always crave more. 
   Also (because I’m very excited) some shots that are not a product of my own camera.  Some friends thought to share, and I thank them because I’m always so busy taking pictures of animals!
First time at Happy Days in Tanzania
Perched on a stump in Amboseli, with Kilimanjaro cast in clouds.
Playing duck-duck-goose with the kids in Tanzania.
Can you spot the lion cubs?

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  1. Wanna know something sad? I totally spotted you in the duck-duck-goose pictures because my brain went : LOOK! its our beauty and the beast tee shirts!!! Oh look its kristin!